You can export your segments from WebEngage to Facebook once you’ve added your Facebook ad account in WebEngage. You can add your Facebook ad account in WebEngage by going to the Integrations > Channels section in your WebEngage dashboard.

In Channels, go to the Facebook tab and click on Add Facebook Ad Account to integrate your Facebook ad account with WebEngage.

Once you click the Add Facebook Ad Account button, you will be prompted to enter your Facebook Ad Account ID and Ad Account Name.

For the Ad Account Name field, you can enter any user-friendly name that will help you identify this ad account in WebEngage. For the Ad Account ID field, please go to the Business Manager section of your Facebook Business account. In the Business Manager section, you will see the list of the ad accounts that belong to your business in Facebook. Copy the Ad Account ID for the ad account you would like to integrate with WebEngage.

Go back to the ad account integration process in WebEngage and complete the various steps to integrate the Facebook ad account with WebEngage.

Once you’ve completed the integration process, you will be able to export your segments to Facebook by visiting the Segment > List of Users section in any segment.


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