5.2.1 [Release: 2 March, 2020]

  • Added support for Iran Proxy Environment

5.2.0 [Release: 27 December, 2019]

  • Added support for Landscape Modal In-app Views

5.1.0 [Release: 11 December, 2019]

  • Added logic to clear cache when License Code is updated
  • Updated Minimum Deployment Target to iOS 10

5.0.2 [Release: 26 November, 2019]

  • Added logic to prevent multiple User Attributes updates

5.0.1 [Release: 4 November, 2019]

  • Added reset logic before presenting In-App Notifications

5.0.0 [Release: 15 October, 2019]

  • Added support for WhatsApp as an Engagement Channel

4.9.9 [Release: 4 October, 2019]

  • Corrects an issue with WebView on iOS 8 & 9

4.9.8 [Release: 1 October, 2019]

  • Added support for Xcode 11

4.9.7 [Release: 17 September, 2019]

  • Removed accessing Bluetooth services from SDK

4.9.6 [Release: 10 September, 2019]

  • Added support for tracking push delivered event from Extension SDKs

4.9.5 [Release: 14 August, 2019]

  • Corrected screen tracking for React Native based apps

4.9.4 [Release: 1 August, 2019]

  • Corrected location permission behavior when Geofencing is enabled

4.9.2 [Release: 16 July, 2019]

  • Updated inline header documentation

4.9.1 [Release: 26 June, 2019]

  • Resolved build warnings in the documentation of public headers

4.9.0 [Release: 25 June, 2019]

  • Added capability to switch server-side environments in SDK

4.8.0 [Release: 14 June, 2019]

  • Optimized In-App view rendering
  • Added support for String data type on Mobile WebView Bridge
  • Updated Default Notifications Templates Request

4.7.1 [Release: 21 May, 2019]

  • Resolved IDFA checks when supporting multiple apps

4.7.0 [Release: 17 May, 2019]

  • Added Manual Integration flow to skip auto-integration

4.6.0 [Release: 10 May, 2019]

  • Added support for multiple apps using the same license code

4.5.2 [Release: 23 April, 2019]

  • Resolved a crash occurring on sending incorrect data-type on Login in Mobile Web Bridge

4.5.1 [Release: 23 April, 2019]

  • Resolved a crash occurring on Screen Data update in Mobile Web Bridge

4.5.0 [Release: 12 April, 2019]

  • Resolved a crash in Debug Mode faced by React Native based apps

4.4.0 [Release: 28 March, 2019]

  • Added capability to dynamically configure JCX request interval

4.3.0 [Release: 18 February, 2019]

  • Optimized presentation of In-app views

4.2.2 [Release: 12 February, 2019]

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

4.2.1 [Release: 11 February, 2019]

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

4.2.0 [Release: 8 February, 2019]

  • Corrected an issue related to incorrect data format in event reporting

4.1.1 [Release: 7 February, 2019]

  • Added debug logs for Mobile Web Bridge integration

4.1.0 [Release: 29 January, 2019]

  • Performance improvements for In-apps presented via Journeys

4.0.22 [Release: 22 November, 2018]

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

4.0.21 [Release: 10 October, 2018]

  • Fixes In-app notification layout issues on iPhone X and newer models

4.0.20 [Release: 3 October, 2018]

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

4.0.19 [Release: 2 August, 2018]

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

4.0.18 [Release: 2 August, 2018]

  • Starts reporting screen data in custom events and App Installed event

4.0.17 [Release: July 9, 2018]

  • Fixes a bug related to Event buffering, due to which some users may get error "Failed to delete synced events" while syncing events from WebEngage SDK.

4.0.15 [Release: May 28, 2018]

  • WebEngage config files will not get backed up on iCloud.

4.0.14 [Release: May 18, 2018]

4.0.13 [Release: May 10, 2018]

  • SDK tracks Advertising ID and Vendor ID of the device along with other device information.

4.0.11 [Release: March 28, 2018]

  • Fixes push notification issue in 4.0.10

4.0.10 [Release: March 26, 2018]

A major issue related to push notifications was detected in this release which was fixed in 4.0.11. Please use version 4.0.11 instead.

  • Fixes the issue of push notification clicks not getting recorded if the UNUserNoticationCenter delegate is set after initialising the SDK. With this change, SDK will function independent of when and if application uses UNUserNoticationCenter delegate.

4.0.9 [Release: March 15, 2018]

  • Added dSYM file of WebEngage framework, to get symbolicated crash logs on crash analytics.

4.0.8 [Release: March 1, 2018]

  • Fixes the locale language issue for iOS devices. With this version, irrespective of the device locale, the location details on the WebEngage dashboard will appear in English only.

Note: This feature will work only for iOS version 11.0 and above. If the iOS version of the user is less than 11.0, the location details will be in the same language as that of device language.

4.0.7 [Release: January 22, 2018]

4.0.6 [Release: December 11, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where Full Page Modal and Page Blocker in-app notification were not rendering in some cases.

4.0.5 [Release: December 6, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where some devices were not reachable to receive push notification due to undetermined status.

4.0.4 [Release: November 30, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where InApp might not get rendered, even if all the rules are satisfied because of other frameworks that manipulate apps windows.
  • Fixes an issue which caused certain rules for InApp Notifications to fail because of encoding issues.

4.0.3 [Release: November 15, 2017]

  • Fixes a high severity but rare case scenario, where sending malformed pushes can make the apps crash on launch every time.

4.0.2 [Release: October 11, 2017]

  • WebEngage is now a Dynamic framework as opposed to static framework.
  • AppStore Size contribution of SDK is now 200-300KB as opposed to approx 1MB before.
  • Created a saperate pod WebEngageAppEx(https://github.com/WebEngage/WebEngageAppEx) for supporting Rich Pushes, i.e. WebEngage is no more required as a dependency in your Extension Targets.
  • Fixed an issue where screen data, was incorrectly being overlapped with custom events data.
  • Made changes to support Segment Packaged integration now hosted at https://github.com/WebEngage/analytics-ios-integration-webengage
  • Made changes to support XCode, Fixed Thread Checker Issues.
  • Optimizations in Event Reporting from SDK in terms of Memory and CPU.

3.5.9 [Release: August 21, 2017]

  • Fixes a high severity issue where the apps may crash on app launch itself because of high memory consumption.

3.5.8 [Release: July 13, 2017]

3.5.7 [Release: June 29, 2017]

  • Fixes a bug which prevented Secondary CTA notifications and Rich Push Notifications to work properly on iOS 10 and above devices when the app uses Manual APNS registration in the WebEngage initialisation call and also implements the notifications using the User Notifications Framework introduced in iOS 10.
  • Introduces detection and reporting of Push Notification Dismissal system event on iOS 10 and above devices.
  • Fixes an issue related to reporting of APP_UPGRADED system event in some cases.

3.5.6 [Release: June 13, 2017]

  • Fixes a bug associated with reporting of User's hashed_email and and hashed_phone attributes.
  • Fixes a issue where In-App Notifications with certain complex rules caused memory leaks.
  • Changes the way images were handled in Carousel Notifications. The new method introduces more reliability in both delivering the images and purging them after use. In the best case the unexpanded version of the notification shows a thumbnail image in the unexpanded mode but the expanded Carousel might still work properly even when the unexpanded version fails to add a thumbnail.
  • Adds a detailed APNS registration failure logging message for debugging/resolution while integration.

3.5.4 [Release: May 25, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where in some case In-App notifications would not work when run as part of the User Journey.
  • Adds user email/sms opt-in/opt-out APIs.
  • Fixes an issue where push notification clicks were not handled when the push was presented in foreground and the app implements the NotificationCenterDelegate's userNotificationCenter:willpresentnotification:completionHandler: callback.

3.5.1 [Release: April 19, 2017]

3.4.17 [Release: April 15, 2017]

  • New Star Rating based Push Notifications Layout

3.4.16 [Release: March 22, 2017]

  • Prevents reporting of APNS registration on each app launch by updating and caching the device token registered on the first launch and subsequent ones that change the device token.
  • Fixes an issue where the use of certain SDKs for showing small Window notifications(error display etc.) interfered with the rendering of In-App Notifications.

3.4.14 [Release: March 7, 2017]

  • Fixes push notification click handling when the push notification is delivered in foreground.
  • Fixes a issue where date attributes were reported erroneously by the SDK for devices with certain regions like UK, France etc. where 12 hour date format is default.
  • Deprecates setBirthDate:(NSDate*) WEGUser API in favour of setBirthDateString:(NSString*)
  • Adds setAttribute:withDictionaryValue WEGUser API for enabling custom key value dictionary to be reported as a user attribute.

3.4.13 [Release: February 28, 2017]

  • Fixes a rare issue where the click and close action of a In-App Notification shown as part of the user journey caused a crash due to faulty data being sent from backend. The issue is also fixed at the backend while taken care of the crash in the SDK in case the faulty data still appears.

3.4.12 [Release: February 23, 2017]

  • Introduces support for Control Groups applied to In-App Notification Campaigns conversion metrics.
  • Deprecated WEGUser's loggedIn and loggedOut APIs in favour of login and logout

3.4.11 [Release: February 7, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where there were crashes observed if the screen navigation APIs were called multiple times during the rendering of a In-App Notification.

3.4.9 [Release: January 13, 2017]

  • Fixes an issue where inclusion of certain other SDKs similar to WebEngage in the App caused some problems in the functionality of WebEngage related to invocation of some system methods.

3.4.8 [Release: January 10, 2017]

  • Fixes a critical bug which caused erroneous device identifiers to be generated in some rare circumstances that resulted in Push Notifications being sent out to only one of the affected devices while others being eligible as well.

3.4.7 [Release: January 6, 2017]

  • Fixes a bug which prevented certain "Regular Expression" based rules to match for In-App Notifications.
  • Internal Changes in Carousel Notification Implementation.

3.4.6 [Release: January 3, 2017]

  • Support for Complex Data Types(Dictionary, Arrays) as part of event data and user attributes.

3.4.5 [Release: December 28, 2016]

  • Fixes a bug around integration of SDK.

3.4.4 [Release: December 7, 2016]

  • Fixes a bug where casting UIApplication's Delegate to AppDelegate caused error in the App.
  • Reduces one integration step for Rich Push Integration for Carousel Notifications.
  • Fixes a bug where Carousel Push Notification on dismissal use to create an unnoticable crash.

3.4.2 [Release: November 28, 2016]

  • Adds the capability of Rich Push Notifications with Banner and Carousel Layouts.
  • Fixes a bug where AppDelegate's methods were not being called when WebEngage's SDK was used along side some other iOS SDKs due to the conflicts in the implementation mechanisms of the two SDKs.
  • Fixes a bug related to close event cycle of In-App Notifications.
  • User APIs for Phone, Encrypted Email and Encrypted Phone Number.
  • Fixes an issue where setting a blank string in custom user attribute caused the SDK to crash.
  • Improved Logging

3.3.7 [Release: October 5, 2016]

  • Fixes a bug related to device identification.
  • Removed support for XCode 6
  • Added a fix for a bug in iOS 10.0 where the standard callback for receiving a remote notification was not fired.

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