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WebEngage is a multi-channel marketing automation tool that helps you focus on your product by it taking all the headache of marketing related changes.

We provide SDKs that integrate with your website, Android or iOS application. These SDKs drive the On-site / In-App / Push engagements that one manages though our dashboard. They also expose APIs to track events and build user profiles. There are other APIs and a callback interface to customize look and behavior of individual engagements such as notifications, survey and feedback widget beyond what is provided on our dashboard.

Getting Started

Once you have signed up, create an account and configure each of the platforms you intend to use WebEngage on from the Integrations screen.

Integrating SDKs

WebEngage provides SDKs for following platforms -

You will be asked to enter your license code during the SDK integration process. Please make sure that you configure the same license code for WebEngage SDK integrations across different platforms (website, apps). You can find your license code in Account Setup section of your WebEngage dashboard (as highlighted in the image below)

Feel free to create a new testing account in WebEngage dashboard for your Dev/Test/QA environment. Drop an email to, just so that we can mark this account as test account and our system stops waiting for any money to come in.

Data Concepts

User Profiles

For each user of your website, Android or iOS application - whether anonymous or known WebEngage creates and maintains a user profile. You can set known user information on these profiles in the form of simple attributes. Once a user logs in or when their identity is known you can assign a User ID to the profile. This will gather that same user's activity across devices / browsers in a single unified profile.

See User Profiles for details.

Identify a user and set attributes via Web SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK | REST API | Cordova/PhoneGap Plugin


Any user activity on your website or within your mobile application that you want to track should be passed as an event to WebEngage.

See Events for details.

Track an event via Web SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK | REST API | Cordova/PhoneGap Plugin

Screen data

Any contextual information on the current web page / application screen such as screen name, title, URL, Product ID on a product page etc. can be passed to WebEngage. This data is not saved by WebEngage except on notification clicks and survey and feedback submissions. This data can be used for additional page level targeting and personalization.

Pass screen data in Web SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK

Engagement APIs


APIs and callbacks for on-site / in-app notification displayed on web page / application screen.

Web SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK


APIs and callbacks for on-site survey displayed on web page.


Push Notification

Callbacks for push notifications pushed to your mobile app.

Android SDK | iOS SDK


APIs and callbacks for on-site feedback displayed on your website


REST APIs and WebHooks

WebEngage provides REST APIs to receive events and create or update user profiles, query engagement stats and reports.

We also provide webhooks for some engagement events such as feedback and survey submissions and an event webhook that triggers on receiving an event in the system.

See REST APIs and WebHooks for details.

Change log

Android SDK | iOS SDK

Migration guide

Android SDK