Please Note

  • Verloop WhatsApp Plugin is enabled only for selected accounts. If you wish to use this plugin, kindly reach out to [email protected] to get this plugin enabled for your account.

  • Kindly refer to this section to note important pointers when using Verloop plugin.

  • This document only covers how you can integrate Verloop as a WSP in WebEngage. Please contact Verloop* for further details on their services.

Configuring WSP (Verloop)

Following are the steps that will enable you to add the WhatsApp Service Provider to the list of WSPs offered by WebEngage.


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Step 1: Add WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP)

Click the Add WhatsApp Service Provider or Plus icon on the top or click on the banner of the WSP at the bottom. In doing so, you will be prompted by a configuration modal. Select Verloop from the first dropdown, WhatsApp Service Provider.

Step 2: Configuration Name

Adding a name enables you to identify the appropriate WSP for a campaign while creating it. This comes in handy, especially when you have multiple accounts with the same WSP.

Step 3: Add WhatsApp Business Number

Kindly specify the verified phone number that you'll be using to send all your WhatsApp campaigns in this field.

Step 4: Add Username & Password

Navigate to your Verloop dashboard to find your publicApiKey, add it in the configuration modal and click Add WSP. Please connect with your Infobip Account Manager for further assistance.

Step 5: Add Headers

To configure Verloop you will have to add the location where your account is located as shown below:


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Kindly add Header1 as clientId and Header2 as callback. You can get the details for the same from your Verloop dashboard.



Kindly get in touch with Verloop support for further assistance regarding Header details.

For Verloop, kindly add a custom header with param callback. The value to be passed is either https://wt.webengage.com/tracking/events if your WebEngage dashboard is located in the US server or https://wt.in.webengage.com/tracking/events if its located in the India server. This configuration is required for tracking DSN (Delivery Status Notification)


Find your account server location

If you are not sure which server your account is on, kindly check the URL of your dashboard:

For the US server, the URL is https://dashboard.webengage.com

For the Indian server, the URL is https://dashboard.in.webengage.com

Step 6: Add WebEngage Webhook URL in Verloop Dashboard (Highly Recommended)

Adding the WebEngage Webhook in Verloop will enable us to receive delivery status notifications for each user. This includes campaign performance indicators like the message delivered, failed, and queued.


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  • As shown above, on clicking Add WSP, you will be prompted by a pop-up confirming that your WSP is ready to use.

  • Copy the Webhook URL, add it to the relevant field in your Verloop dashboard, and click Save.

  • Please connect with your Verloop Account Manager for further assistance.

WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp templates can be easily created by following the below steps:


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Step 1: Getting Started

Click on the Plus icon next to WhatsApp Templates to get started.

Step 2: Select the WSP

Select Verloop Messenger from the drop-down menu to send the campaign.

Step 3: Add Template Details

  • Template Type: You can choose one template type from the given options: Text, Image, Video, Document, and
  • Template Name: Give the template a name for your reference.
  • Template Text: Add the message to the template. To know how to add variables in template text click here.
  • Template Language: From the dropdown menu, choose the preferred language for the template.
  • Button (Optional): Toggle to add the CTA button to your message.
  • Footer (Optional): Enter the footer note for the template.

Template Name

Give the template a name for your reference. When entering the template name of the template kindly make sure it is in the format templatename__campaignID.

  • campaignID will be available through your Verloop dashboard. Please contact Verloop team for furhter assistance.*



Kindly make sure that there are 2 underscores <_><_> between templateID and campaignID.

For example,

As you can see in the above visual, we have given the Template Name as Temp1__Campaign1 with double underscore <_><_> between Temp1 and Campaign.

Step 4: Template Text

Add the message to the template. To know how to add variables in template text click here.

Step 5: Template Language

From the dropdown menu, choose the preferred language for the template.

Step 6: Footer (Optional)

Enter the footer note for the template.

Step 7: Click Add Template

Your template is now saved and ready to send your campaign.

Once you've added the templates, your Data Platform> Integrations > WhatsApp section will look like as shown below. You can choose to edit/ delete a template anytime by clicking on the Actions menu.


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Things to Note:

  • Verloop plugin has a specific format for creating Template. Kindly refer to Template Name section to know more.

  • If a user blocks your business number, Verloop currently doesnt pass the same to WebEngage and you may be get a delivered status for that user.



You've now successfully integrated Verloop with your WebEngage dashboard.

You can test the integration by creating a test WhatsApp campaign and sending it to a group of internal users (aka your teammates).

A quick guide on Editing/ Deleting an integration.

Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] in you have any further queries. We're always just an email away!