Prerequisites Before Adding SendGrid on WebEngage

  1. Please ensure that the From Email/Domain in your SendGrid account is verified.

  2. Create an API Key on SendGrid. Please go through this article to understand how you can create an API Key on SendGrid. Do note that you will have to give us Full Access when selecting the permissions for each category. If the access being granted is Restricted Access, please ensure that the following permissions have Full Access: Alerts, Email activity, Mail Send, Mail Settings, Stats, Suppressions, Tracking, User account.

Once you've completed the steps above, please proceed with the steps below.

Steps to Add SendGrid on WebEngage

Click on the SendGrid box under the Available Email Service Providers (ESP) section. In the configuration modal, enter the following information of your SendGrid account: API Key, IP Pool Name (Optional).

You will also have to name the configuration on WebEngage to identify the added ESP account. Please choose any user-friendly name for the Name Your Configuration field. The Configuration Name helps you identify the relevant ESP account you should use during the Email campaign creation process (especially helpful when you have multiple accounts with the same ESP that you have configured and added to WebEngage).

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