While you will be using WebEngage to create all your Email campaigns, the actual delivery of the message to your target audience is facilitated by an Email Service Provider (ESP) like Kenscio, Mandrill, Netcore and so on.


Please Ensure That Your Website & Apps Are Integrated with WebEngage Before Proceeding

(Doing so will enable real-time personalization of all emails sent to each user!)


You can think of ESPs as middle-men that transmit the message from WebEngage to your users' mailbox provider (like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook). We have partnered with several global ESP leaders to help make Email marketing a seamless process.

ESP Integration

As shown below, you can integrate multiple ESPs with your project by navigating to Integrations > Channels > Email.

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Here, you will find a list of all the ESPs for which we provide ready-to-use integrations. And if you have already added a few ESPs to your project, then you see configuration details in the first half of this section. For example, in the visual below, you can see that two ESP have been integrated, Amazon SES and SendGrid.


ESP Setup

Please select an ESP from the left navigation panel (Channel Configurations > Email) to continue.

Managing Configuration

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As shown above, integrated ESPs are listed under the section, Your Email Service Provider List. You can choose to Edit or Delete the integration anytime you like by accessing the Actions menu placed on the extreme right.

The Actions menu also indicates the unique Webhook URL you can add to your WSP dashboard to ensure that delivery status notifications (sent, failed, queued, delivered) are tracked under campaign stats in your WebEngage dashboard.

Editing an ESP

You can choose to edit configuration details in cases where incorrect details were entered during configuration, or the ESP updated some details post-integration.

As shown below, select Edit from the Actions menu, make your changes, and click Save.

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Deleting an ESP

Deleting an integration will cease campaign delivery for all Running and Upcoming campaigns where the respective ESP was selected for sending it. In such cases, you will be prompted by the following message.

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Thus, please ensure that no existing campaigns are dependant on the ESP (you intend to delete) for sending Emails to your users.

As shown below, select Delete from the Actions menu, and click the Delete button in the pop-up to confirm your decision.

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