Copy Push to Web Inbox

Notification Inbox is a powerful feature through which your users can have a unified and streamlined notification experience, where they can easily access and manage their notifications in one place.

Through WebEngage, you can now copy push notifications to your web's Notification Inbox. In this approach the web/app will have the control on the notification message layout, while through WebEngage integration the message data will be passed on to your app, thereby providing your users personalized experiences.


Notification Inbox as a complete channel to be launched soon!


To get started with integrating Notification Inbox make sure:

  • WebEngage Web SDK is integrated
  • SDK authentication is enabled. (You can enable it by following the steps in this document
  • Intialization steps mentioned in this doc are completed. Once done, you can raise a request to us on [email protected] to enable this feature.

Initialize the Web SDK

Follow the steps mentioned in this document to integrate and initialize the latest version of WebEngage Web SDK.

Methods to call Notification Messages

Retrieve unread notification count


Get notification messages:

var notifications = [] // Use this to access each message object, and do operations
webengage.notificationInbox.getNotificationList({}, function (data) {

Get notification messages with offset:

webengage.notificationInbox.getNotificationList(notifications[lastMessageIndex], function (data) {

Track Notification Events

Track Views/Impressions


Track notification Read

You can track this event when a user has marked the message as 'Read'.


Track notification Clicks

notifications[index].click(actionId, actionLink, isPrime, aTarget)

Track notification Delete


Track Notification Bulk Detele

// callback is optional
webengage.notificationInbox.delete(notifications, callback)

Track Notification Bulk Read

// callback is optional
webengage.notificationInbox.markStatus(notifications, 1, callback)

Track Unread Notification


Track Bulk Unread Notification

// callback is optional
webengage.notificationInbox.markStatus(notifications, 2, callback)

Track the click on the notification icon/button