React Native SDK

v1.2.1 [24 Jun 2020]

  1. Adds method for channel opt-in status.

v1.1.1 [11 Aug 2019]

  1. Fixes date object being passed as empty object due to breaking change in react-native v0.58.
  2. Updates react-native android library build tools and compile SDK version to 28.
  3. Updates Gradle build version to 3.4.1.

v1.1.0 [5 Aug 2019]

  1. Adds supports react-native v0.60.X.
  2. Reduces size of node module by removing android build directory and iOS WebEngage framework.

v1.0.8 [14 Jun 2019]

  1. Fixes UTC timezone in iOS date-format.
  2. Fixes screen api method name misspell.

v1.0.7 [May 29, 2019]

  1. Adds date object support in Android and iOS builds.
  2. Fixes nested maps and lists in Android builds.

v1.0.6 [Jan 21, 2019]

Fixes Runtime Exception/crash while emitting event for push and in-app notification callbacks before WebEngage SDK Bridge initialisation.

v1.0.5 [Sep 11, 2018]

Adds in-app notification callbacks.

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React Native SDK

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