Google Ads

A step-by-step guide to integrating Google Ads with WebEngage

Retargeting users through the Google Ad Network just got easier!

With WebEngage, you can leverage all your customer data to create highly differentiated segments and export them to your Google Ads Account. You can then run several types of ad campaigns to re-engage these users and bring them back to your platform.

The first step is to integrate a Google Ads Account with WebEngage. It's a one-time setup and connected accounts can be removed anytime you like.


Please Ensure That Your Website & Apps Are Integrated with WebEngage Before Proceeding

(Doing so will help you create highly differentiated segments that can be leveraged to re-engage users on Google's Ad Network with targeted messages!)

Let's get you started!

Pre-requisite: Whitelist Ads Account

WebEngage uses Google Ads Customer Match feature to import your user segment data to an integrated Ads account.

However, Customer Match is supported only for whitelisted accounts. Thus, before you integrate an Ads account with WebEngage, please get in touch with your Google Account Manager for whitelisting. Failing to do so can cause integration and data import errors.

Google Ad Integration

As shown below, navigate to Integrations > Channels > Google in your dashboard.


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Click the Add Google Ad Account / Plus icon on the top left to get started. You can choose to integrate multiple ad accounts, as per your needs.

Step 1: Add Customer ID

Navigate to your Google Ad Account and copy your Customer ID. It can be found on the top right of the navigation bar and on the bottom of the Support menu.

As shown below, paste it against the field, Customer ID in your WebEngage dashboard.


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Step 2: Name Configuration

As shown above, please add a user-friendly name that enables you to identify the correct account for exporting a specific segment.

  • This comes in handy when you have multiple Google Ad Accounts, each used to run a specific type of ad (can be based on user type like Inactive users, New users OR based on product category like flights, hotels, holiday packages for an OTA, and so on).

  • Next, click the Add Google Ad Account button to save details.

    • You will be prompted by Google to verify that you are authorized to integrate the Ad Account with a third-party platform like WebEngage.

Step 3: Google Authorization


'View Campaigns and Use Planning Tools' Access Needed in Google Ads

Having any one of the following Account & Security permissions in your Google Ads account gives you the authority to authenticate integration with WebEngage:

  • Read Only

  • Standard

  • Admin

Users who have lower access permissions will not be able to authorize the integration. Please get in touch with your Ads account admin if you do not have sufficient permissions.

Let's quickly walk you through all the steps:

Step 1: As shown below, select a Google Account that is linked to the Google Ads Account you're integrating.


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Step 2: Next, click Allow to grant explicit permission to WebEngage to export user data to the Google Ads account (as highlighted below).


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Once Google verifies your permissions and grants WebEngage access, the integration will be confirmed by a pop-up on the bottom right of your dashboard (as shown below).


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You're all set to re-engage users through the Google Ad Network.

Managing Connected Accounts

All integrated accounts are listed under the section, Google Ad Accounts. Here, you can choose to remove a Google Ad account and complete pending authorization to activate connected accounts.


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Let's walk you through all the details:

Integration Status

Depending on the Google authentication status, a Google Ads Account can have any of the following states - Active, Pending, Inactive. Let's walk you through each one.


This indicates that the Google Ad account is successfully integrated with WebEngage. This means that all your Recurring Segment Exports are being synced periodically and new segments can be exported anytime you like!


Indicates that Google Authorization is pending for an account for which Customer ID has been added. This could happen if:

  • You deny permission to WebEngage or cancel the authorization at Step 3.

  • You don't have sufficient permissions to connect the Google Ads account to a third-party platform.

  • The email address used for authentication is different from the one registered to the account admin in WebEngage.


Here's how you can Authorize integration to activate the account.


Indicates that the required Account and Security Permissions were revoked in Google Ads for the account admin, post successful integration. This means that all Recurring Segment Exports will be Paused and you will not be able to export new segments to the account.

In such cases you can choose to:

Authorizing Integration

We highly recommend that you complete authority verification immediately after adding Google Ads account details to your dashboard. However, you may need to perform this step separately if:

Case 1: You were unable to authenticate the integration immediately after entering the details of your Google Ads account.

Case 2: Google Ads access has been revoked for the user who initially authorized integration with WebEngage.

As shown below, select Authorize from the Actions menu and follow these steps to enable data export. Please ensure that you have Read Only / Standard / Admin access in Google Ads before proceeding.


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Removing Account

You can choose to Remove a Google Ads account anytime you like. Doing so will Pause Recurring Segment Exports for all Active accounts and will prevent you from exporting new segments. However, all data exported to the account previously will remain unaffected.


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As shown above:

Step 1: Select Remove from the Actions menu.

Step 2: Click Remove Google Ad Account in the pop-up to confirm your decision.

Please feel free to drop in a few lines at [email protected] in case you have any queries or feedback. We're always just an email away! :)