This integration allows WebEngage to capture attribution information from TUNE. Below steps will guide you to configure TUNE with WebEngage.

  1. Log in to your TUNE account and follow the steps to create Internal Partner for Webengage.
  2. Near the upper-right corner, click Add Postback URL as shown in the following screenshot.
  1. On the Add Postback URL page, from the corresponding drop-down lists, select the Mobile App that initiates the postback notification. In the Event Type, select Install as shown in the screenshot below.

Also, make sure you select Send all events under Attribution Options as shown below.

  1. In the URL box, paste the postback URL.{ios_ifa}&advertiserId={google_aid_alphanumeric_lower}&android-id={android_id}&app-id={package_name}&install-unix-ts={install_datetime}&click-ts={click_timestamp}&campaign={campaign_id}&country-code={country_code}&device-brand={device_brand}&carrier={device_carrier}&ip={device_ip}&device-model={device_model}&language={language}&appsflyer-device-id={mat_id}&app-version-name={package_app_version}&user-agent={user_agent}&idfv={ios_ifv}&os-version-name={os_version}&app-version={app_version}&app-name={package_app_name}&source=tune&http_headers[Authorization]=bearer WEBENGAGE_API_KEY

You can use macros in these URLs, which are dynamically populated with the appropriate values that Attribution Analytics collects from the device (or receives on click, etc.).

Make sure you replace WEBENGAGE_API_KEY with your WebEngage API key in the above URL. Get the API key from WebEngage dashboard as shown below.