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Screen is a placeholder for the events. Every event occurs in the context of a screen(or no screen) and there can be In-App Message targeting based on the screen rules. Also, every screen can be associated with some contextual data, which again can be part of the targeting rule for In-App messages. Your app can navigate between the screens or update the data associated with a screen using the screen APIs mentioned below.

Screen APIs

All Screen Navigation/Data related API's are part of WebEngage iOS SDK's WEGAnalytics Object.

You get an instance of WebEngage WEGAnalytics object as follows:

// Get an instance of `WEGAnalytics` object
id weAnalytics = [WebEngage sharedInstance].analytics;

After WebEngage has been successfully initialized you can navigate between screens by calling the APIs on WEGAnalytics Object:

-(void) navigatingToScreenWithName:(NSString*) screenName;
-(void) navigatingToScreenWithName:(NSString*) screenName andData: (NSDictionary*) userData;
-(void) updateCurrentScreenData:(NSDictionary*) userData;

Your app should typically call the navigation APIs whenever there is a logical page transition in the app. To update the data on a page/screen(while being on it) use the updateCurrentScreenData as using the navigatingToScreenWithName APIs will also increment the total and session page view counts for the user/app.