Steps to Add Gupshup on WebEngage

Click on the Add WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP) button in the Channels > WhatsApp section. In the configuration modal, enter the following information of your Gupshup WhatsApp account: WhatsApp Business Number, Username and Password.

You will also have to name the configuration on WebEngage to identify the added WSP account. Please choose any user-friendly name for the Configuration Name field. The Configuration Name helps you identify the relevant WSP account you should use during the WhatsApp campaign creation process (especially helpful when you have multiple accounts with the same WSP that you have configured and added to WebEngage).

After you have added the WSP to WebEngage, you also need to configure WebEngage's Webhook Delivery Report URL in your WSP dashboard. You will have to take the help of your Gupshup Account Manager to complete this step. Configuring the webhook will help WebEngage get the stats of your WhatsApp campaigns (number of deliveries, reads etc.) from your WSP. The modal below will automatically be shown when you have added a WSP successfully. You can also access it by clicking the View Webhook URL action in the list of actions under the Your WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP) List section.

Updated 6 months ago


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