Any action of interest done by a user and which you want to record is an event. For example, in e-commerce when a user adds an item to the shopping cart the site will want to record the "Added to Cart" event along with the product details and price. Events may also be actions carried out by your system in the context of a user, say to track the user's inactivity or to notify departure of a shipment

Name and Attributes

Each event has a name and an optional set of attributes describing the event in detail as necessary.
We recommend you make your events human readable instead of something like CP0_P and with a verb in the past tense, for example Product Searched and Added to Cart

There are some restrictions on event name and attributes

  • An event name can be maximum 50 characters long
  • Event attribute values can be booleans, numbers, strings and dates. Complex and nested data such as maps and arrays can also be passed but are available only in personalization
  • Maximum length of attribute names is 50 characters and of string type attribute values is 1000 characters
  • You cannot name your event or event attributes starting with we_
  • In an account, your events can have at most 25 attributes of a type (i.e. 25 string type attributes, 25 number type attributes,... ) across all instances of an event

Track Events

You track an event by passing the event name and (when required) attribute name-value to the track() method from our SDK on the respective platform. See how in Web SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK.

You can also track events with the REST API. Historical events can be bulk uploaded from the Data Management screen.

System Events

WebEngage tracks some events by itself. They are categorized as System Events and include events to track interactions with campaigns, conversions etc. Events apart from these system events that you track yourself are then categorized as Application Events.

List of System Events

Event Name


On Web Notification View


On Web Notification Click


On Web Notification Close


On Web Survey View


On Web Survey Close


On Web Survey Submit


On Web Survey Complete


On Push Notification request is Accepted


On Push Notification request is Rejected


On Push Notification View


On Push Notification Click


On Push Notification Close


When email request is accepted


When email request is rejected


When email request is processed


When email is sent


When email is delivered


When email is opened


When URL in email is clicked


When email delivery is deferred


When email request is dropped


When email request is bounced


When email is reported as spam


When email is unsubscribed


When sms request is accepted


When sms request is rejected


When sms request is accepted


When sms request is failed

Structure of Events

Attributes that will be available at root level of any event

Attribute Name Datatype Description
event_time DateTime Time at which the event occurred. In ISO Format
license_code String licenseCode of the publisher
category String Category of event, system/application
event_name String Name of the event
luid String Long term userId
suid String Session Id of User
cuid String User Identifier
event_data Map Custom Data sent as part of event (key value pairs)
system_data Map System attributes collected by webengage

Attributes that will be available in system_data

Attribute Name Datatype Description Available In SDK
country String Country from where the event originated All
region String Region from where the event originated All
city String City from where the event originated All
locality String Locality of the place from where the event originated Mobile
postal_code String Postal Code of the place from where the event originated Mobile
ip String IP address of the host from where the event originated All
latitude double Latitude Geo Location of device Mobile
longitude double Longitude Geo Location of device Mobile
app_version String App version of device Mobile
app_version_code int App version code of device Mobile
release String App release version of device Mobile
sdk_version double Sdk version of device Mobile
api_version int Api version of device Mobile
os_version String Operating System version of device All
os_name String Operating system of device All
browser_name String Browser name from where the event was triggered Web
browser_version String Browser version from where the event was triggered Web
browser_version_code int Browser version code from where the event was triggered Web
device String Name of the device from where the event was reported All
device_type String Type of the device from where the event was reported Mobile
language String Language that was used in the event Mobile
locale String Locale that was use din the event Mobile
manufacturer String Manufacturer of the device Mobile
model String Model of the device Mobile
brand String Brand of the device Mobile
viewport_height int Height of screen All
viewport_width int Width of screen All
screen_name String Screen name of mobile app Mobile
screen_title String Screen title of mobile app Mobile
screen_path String Screen path of mobile app Mobile
id String Variation ID of a campaign All
experiment_id String Campaign ID All
sdk_id int SDK Id All
page_title String Web page title Web
page_url String Web page URL Web
referrer_type String Referrer Type All
referrer_host String Referrer Host Web
referrer_network String Referrer Network Web
session_count int Session count of user All
page_view_count_session int Page view count of user in current session All
total_page_view_count int Total page view count of user All
carrier String Name of the mobile network carrier Mobile
carrier_type String Type of the mobile network carrier Mobile
journey_id String Journey ID if campaign is part of any journey All
scope String Unique scope in which the campaign runs All